The history of DMARC Analyzer

The founders of DMARC Analyzer have been active in the Email landscpae since 2002. With many years of email experience, of which 11 years as ESP/deliverability specialist, the founders have extensive knowledge of the email landscape.

As an email sender there was always an interest in email deliverability, this led to the founding of DMARC Analyzer. DMARC Analyzer was founded in 2012, just after the DMARC standard was first published. DMARC Analyzer started off as a side-project from the former ESP business. Back than the DMARC Analyzer app was an MVP and only available for clients of the ESP.

In 2014 DMARC Analyzer recognized an increasing demand for DMARC. DMARC Analyzer then started with testing a freemium low-touch model from the DMARC Analyzer for non-english speaking global markets. This version of DMARC Analyzer was designed for SMB’s with a do it yourself focus.

In 2016 DMARC Analyzer became a main project from the ESP and the product was totally revamped: the DMARC Analyzer app became scalable and Enterprise ready.

In 2017 DMARC Analyzer became the main focus of its founders and the ESP business was sold, from that point DMARC Analyzer became a pure play DMARC player. DMARC Analyzer noticed that some users, especially enterprises, had difficulties deploying DMARC. This led to DMARC Analyzer providing an enterprise license and services, these services range from extensive implementation projects to short term contracts. Users now have the option to be a basic, standard or enterprise user.

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What characterizes DMARC Analyzer?

As one of the pioneers of DMARC, DMARC Analyzer has been active in the DMARC landscape since the creation of the DMARC standard. In these years the employees of DMARC Analyzer have gained extensive knowledge of DMARC. Currently 17,000+ organizations from all over the world, private users, charity’s, SMB’s, enterprises and multinationals use DMARC Analyzer. DMARC Analyzer is growing and working hard on releasing features that will improve the DMARC Analyzer Suite.

DMARC Analyzer is a pure play DMARC player. As DMARC specialist, DMARC Analyzer supports and guides organizations to protect their email channels with DMARC. Clients benefit from our software and tailor made services. The DMARC specialist from DMARC Analyzer are very experienced in helping organizations deploy DMARC. Based on DMARC deployment workflow we help organizations manage the complex DMARC deployment, mitigate risks and safely block malicious emails without impacting your other email channels like marketing etc.

DMARC Analyzer focuses on developing features that on one hand make DMARC Analyzer as easy to use as possible and on the other hand suit large enterprises. DMARC Analyzer provides user friendly DMARC analyzing software which empowers organizations to easily manage the complex DMARC deployment. The solution provides 360° visibility and governance across all email channels. Everything is designed to make deploying DMARC as easy as possible, this is the mission of DMARC Analyzer: simplify DMARC deployment.

DMARC Analyzer recommends to involve multiple employees in DMARC projects and protect all the domains an organization’s owns (including inactive/parked domains). This is why we do not charge for the amount of domains and users. DMARC Analyzer license model is only based on the amount of monthly DMARC compliant outbound emails that are reported in the DMARC reports.

DMARC Analyzer is constantly improving itself and our development roadmap is mainly based on the needs of our customers. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with your feedback, feedback is very valuable to us and helps us determine our roadmap.

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