Product updates

What’s new in DMARC Analyzer?

Another month, new features to try! Since our last update, we have optimized some overviews and we have added new features that will simplify the navigation inside our app. We are excited about them, check below:

Volume indicators within the SPF Checker

The SPF Record Checker has been improved, we now show volume details for your account when doing an SPF check! The bar shows the total volume and how the authentication for these messages was.This new feature makes it very easy to identify which sources are not fully compliant. You can also use it to clean up your SPF record!

Quick insight into your domain status

You’ve asked more help, we have made it happen! A new status box has been added on the Domains overview which contains metrics such as “DMARC Status”, “Compliance rate and Alignment” and “Geographic distribution of rejected volume”.
DMARC status box

Internationalized domain names now available

IDN (Internationalized domain name) is a standard which allows non-ASCII characters in domain names. These domains are translated into regular ASCII by applying a ‘punycode’ translation.

DMARC Analyzer now has support for IDN domains and you’ll see the translated domains in your overviews. So instead of the example domain xn--bcher-kva.example you would see the translated version bücher.example.

New way to reach the ‘Detailed Stats’ overview

Previously, in the Aggregate Reports Overviews you were unable to click on IPs when trying to find more information. The only way to place that IP in the Detailed Stats was by copy pasting it. Now, you can just click on the IP that you want to find more info and it will redirect you to the Detailed Stats Page.

Easy to spot used volume progress bar

On the left sidebar menu you are now able to see a progress bar that indicates how much volume you have left out of the total subscription plan. The progress bar indicates the volume in the past 30 days. This new features helps users figure out when they are approaching the volume limit of their subscription, making it easier for them to upgrade their account and not get locked out when volume is exceeded.

All the best,
team DMARC Analyzerr