Segasec and DMARC Analyzer

segasec dmarcanalyzer partnership
DMARC Analyzer announces partnership with Segasec

DMARC Analyzer and Segasec Offer Increased Security and Governance to Stop Fraud

Hilversum, The Netherlands – July, 2019 – DMARC Analyzer, a SaaS solution which empowers organisations to easily manage complex DMARC deployment projects, today announced that Segasec became a Partner.

Segasec is a Tel-Aviv based cyber-security company providing end-to-end digital threat protection against customer hijacking attacks that originate in your blind spot. Together, joint customers can use Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) to more effectively block impersonation, phishing, spoofing and malware attacks by combining email channel visibility and reporting with DMARC Analyzer as well as Segasec’s Digital Threat Protection Solution.

Segasec’s patent-pending Digital Threat Protection Solution provides proactive intelligence with quadrillions of scans that can identify brand-related manipulation and fraud, 24 hours 7 days a week. Segasec’s powerful Threat Detection Agent uncovers non-brand related threats and their Lightning-fast automated Block and Take-Down service takes any problem off your hands entirely.

Segasec cyber intelligence – Segasec’s patent-pending technology provides intelligence of upcoming attacks at the earliest possible preparation stages, running quadrillions of targeted scans that identify even unknown attack patterns. Segasec blocks compromised assets before they become a live risk.

Segasec’s Digital Threat Protection Solution is made out of four main components:

  1. Proactive Intelligence – Identify brand-related manipulation and fraud
    Segasec’s Digital Threat Protection Solution is made out of four main components. The first component is the 24 hours 7 days a week proactive cyber intelligence. At this point the solution will try to detect any type of an intemperate attacks, these intemperate attacks could exist of domains that have been purchased, domains that have modified certificates or changed DNS records. Segasec’s solution uses a Detection maturity model which proactively searches the web for these types of domains. The Detection maturity model consists of three different maturity levels. The first two maturity levels – where we see most of the security vendors – will unfortunately only cover approximately 40% of all phishing attempts and that’s why they moved to maturity level 3, this is where Segasec’s security solutions lies. Segasec uses deep machine learning techniques, similarity between word algorithms and artificial intelligence in order to monitor all of these suspects. The Digital Threat Protection Solution is able to cover all of the IDN’s which are the non-latin characters and subdomains. The more suspects that Segasec can monitor for you, will reduce the risk for your clients.
  2. Threat Detection Agent – Powerful web agent uncovers non-brand related threats
    The second component is the web agent, this agent detects any type of non brand related attacks. Segasec provides a unique technology that is able to detect any type of content replication and send an immediate alert.

    The Threat Detection Agent:
    – Covers attacks non-related to your brand
    – Is able to detect any type of content replication
    – Will identify an attack before it goes live

  3. Remediation – Lightning fast automated Block and Take-Down
    The third component is the remediation to fast block and takedown malicious websites. In order to reduce the risk of end users, Segasec can block malicious websites and that’s when visitors will see a red screen displaying a warning message to not enter this website. In addition to that, the solution will automatically start taking them down. By having more than 1500 different partnerships with anti viruses spam filters, hosting providers and registrar’s themselves. The solution is able to take down website at a very fast pace. Because of the API and mutual trust the average take-down time is 3 hours.

    The fastest takedowns can be done in seconds!Lightning fast automated Block and Take-Down:
    – A multi-layered defense solution
    – Average take-down is 3 hours, the fastest are done in seconds

  4. Mitigation – Smart deception technology by a click of button
    The solution can submit fake data from 20 millions bot networks around the world to an impersonation website with a single click. That way you will be able to dilute the data in such a way that the attacker is unable to sell the gathered data. In addition to that, the submitted data can be marked. When an attacker tries to login with the gathered credentials on the legitimate website, the solution is then able to track the attackers and lead him into a honeypot trap.

    Smart deception technology by a click of button:
    – Spread false data to the attackers, with a worldwide network of 20 million bots
    – Every piece of data is marked – trapping the attackers, diverting them to a Honeypot

Segasec’s Digital Threat Protection Solution is an end-to-end managed service which assists organisations all the way from the proactive detection until the immediate response.