Product updates

Revamped domains dashboard

We invest heavily in optimizing our in-app experience and we’re excited to share some important updates about DMARC Analyzer. Based on your feedback, we have reduced the amount of clutter on the domains overview and made it easier to switch between domain groups.

What can you expect? 
Previously, domain groups were listed in nested groups and expanding them would show the domains that were added to that specific group. From now on all domains will be listed on the domains overview, even if they are added to a domain group. This makes it more easy to navigate and distinguish between groups and actual domains.

Domain group badges and domain group dropdown select box
We have added a quick overview of the largest domain groups at the top of the domains overview.

DMARC domain group dashboard

Each domain group badge provides a visualisation of the DMARC compliance, volume, number of domains and the email authentication status per group. All other domain groups (if available) will be pared into a single domain group badge named ‘Others’.

A full list of all defined domain groups can be reached by using the dropdown select box as shown right next to the ‘Search “From” domains’ searchfield. Clicking on a domain group badge or selecting a domain group in the domain group dropdown select box will update the data table to show all domains within that specific domain group. Want to change a domain group? All defined domain groups can be changed within the ‘domain groups section’.  

Color change of the “Not aligned, pass” indicators  
The blue colored ‘Not aligned, pass’ indicator formed an unintended directlink with the Forwarded section as presented in the Aggregate report overviews. In order to get rid of the confusion regarding the “Not aligned pass” indicator we’ve changed it’s color scheme from blue to purple. The

We would like to thank you for your support and as always we look forward to your honest feedback.