Results of DMARC Analyzer’s 90-Day inactive domain challenge

One of the unique selling points of DMARC Analyzer is that we allow users to add unlimited domains to their account without additional costs! We noticed that not all users took full advantage of the fact that it is possible to add unlimited domains to an account without additional costs. Because of this, we started the ’90-Day challenge’ to encourage our users to implement DMARC for all their domains including inactive and parked domains.

Results of the 90-day inactive domain challenge

DMARC Analyzer’s ’90-day inactive domain challenge’ began on the 1st of May. During the ’90-Day challenge’ we sent emails to inform participants on the next steps to take, doing so we have provided guidance on how to move towards a p=reject policy on all inactive domains.

During the challenge a lot of new domains were added. More important, a lot of existing domains have been moved to a p=reject policy!

– 87% of the newly added domains now have a DMARC reject policy