DMARC reports

How long does it take for DMARC reports to appear?

The first step to start deploying DMARC is to update your DNS record as instructed by our setup. However, you may not directly see results in the tool. ISPs (/ DMARC report senders) may cache the results of the DNS records for up to 72 hours (independent of the TTL of your DNS records).

So, you should see results in the tool (for email sending domains) within 72 hours after updating your DNS records.

Is my email flow configured correctly?

While deploying DMARC you should use the DMARC data to analyse all your sending email sources. You can do this by checking the DMARC data and verifying that your sending sources are configured correctly.

Please note that if you’re testing an updated DNS record (either DKIM or SPF), there could be DNS cache involved which influences the result. Updates to your SPF record should always be tested before performing them by using our prevalidation SPF checker.