Providing DMARC Analysis services to all clients

This case study is based on a collaboration with an ICANN accredited registrar, maintaining a portfolio of over 700.000 domain names.

DMARC case study - metaregistrar


Familiarize clients with DMARC and provide entry level analysis for all domains in a scalable way.


Giving clients access to DMARC analysis capabilities from their portal using an user friendly integration.


Onboarding clients in the days after the soft launch of the integration.


Driven by their very enthousiastic CEO, provides their clients with top notch functions in protecting their domains. DMARC has been a very important new addition to this offering and was on the wishlist for integration for some time.

”When i first tried DMARC Analyzer some years ago, i was immediately convinced of the benefits this new technology would reap for our business clients. Now, through the simple one-click application process on our own website, our clients can access the DMARC Analyzer statistics for their portfolio of domain names, and start securing their e-mail flow right away. Great value for our clients, simple implementation for us.”

Ewout de Graaf, CEO –




The challenges that ensured DMARC Analyzer was needed as an executive party:

  • Client may not be familiar with DMARC yet
  • High domain volume which requires a stable and scalable setup
  • Basic reporting should be provided
  • Custom interface in style


Project goals

The main project goals of this DMARC deployment project:

  • Ensure clients have low-level access to DMARC analysis capabilities from the current
  • Increase the trustworthiness of domains by granting clients access to DMARC
  • Increase the rating at SIDN using their registrar scorecard


Company details


The Netherlands

Company Size
Medium Enterprise


Project approach

The scalable architecture DMARC Analyzer already has was very suitable for the required setup and the custom interface was achieved by using a whitelabel. Connecting the DNS integration was done at registrar levels which completed the integration in a flash.


Achievements realized for the client as a result of the DMARC Analyzer deployment:

  • Grant clients access to DMARC reporting
  • User friendly low-level analysis
  • Integration through client portal
  • One-click activation process
  • First deployments after soft-lauch