Join the 90-Day challenge to secure ALL your domains

We’ve noticed that not all users take full advantage of the fact that you can add unlimited domains in your DMARC Analyzer account without additional costs.

Why is it important to add inactive or parked domains?

Most users will skip protecting these domains because they are not being used to send email and therefore believe it is not necessary to implement a DMARC policy for them. However, someone else might (try to) abuse these domains. Your inactive domains can just as easily be used for sending malicious emails and should therefore be secured too!

Securing your inactive domains is just as important as your primary domains. Here’s why:

  1. Your parked domains are just as vulnerable to attacks as your primary domains;
  2. It’s easy to protect inactive domains if they are not being used to send emails.

Great news: We’re offering a 90-Day challenge to help you enforce a 100% DMARC reject policy for all your parked domains!

The challenge starts as soon as you sign up! Are you ready to take this challenge and secured all of your domains?

The challenge has ended.